mobil esemka solve the cheap car rental

mobil esemka solve the cheap car rental

based the increase of popularity of this cars the mobil esemka solve the cheap car rental problem.
National Car Esemka from Solo, Central Java, became public after talks Solo Mayor Joko Widodo replace his official car by car type Esemka rajawali. And it used the assemblers, the students of SMK Negeri 2 Surakarta, to open up orders for consumers who want to have a luxury car at a price below 100 million rupiahs.
mobil esemka solve the cheap car rentalUsed car Esemka Mayor Joko Widodo Eagles are the type that uses a 1500 cc engine with four cylinders plus. The car's injection system. Variant type Rajawali Esemka car is petrol SUV with seven-passenger capacity.
mobil esemka-cheap car rental
mobil esemka 2012 cheap carthe specify of Esemka RAJAWALI type have modif advanced features, such as power windows, dual zone air conditioning, power steering, central lock, CD audio system with parking sensors as well as not to miss. Esemka Eagles ready to circulate with the sole agent (APTM) PT Solo Creative Manufacturing. The price of this car is quite affordable, below 100 million rupiahs.

this january SMK 2 Surakarta Open Esemka Car Orders for public :

based the Mayor of Solo - indonesia, Joko Widodo to :
High School students (SMK) Solo is quite appalling. In fact, car rental companies from others cities, has ordered a Esemka cars. "In addition to the rental company, officials, artists, professionals, and also the general public," he said, at Sunday, January 15, 2012.
According to him, usually the price of cars rental 200 thousand-300 a day, with mobil Esemka could drop to 100 thousand rupiah.
Esemka is very exclusive because the cars is good and have nice interior.
According to Jokowi (solo-mayor), car demand as a form of longing for domestically made ​​products. "How many numbers I do not know, because the mayor has nothing to do with business and sales. Kan I just Esemka promotional ambassadors," he admits.
some comenter says if this Esemke type car is very attractive well shape both in terms of passenger capacity. Moreover, the price is below Rp 100 million.
source : Auto 2012

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