motor vs rain

motor vs rain

motor vs rain in rainy seasonmotor vs rainmotor vs rainrain jacket wide models is need but we must be carefull when use it
motor hujanmotor vs rain
hujan motorfor advice and safety we should use dress rain jacket. that be suitable and more safety
modif motor hujanin rainy day we should turn on the head lamp for more wide our sight seing
modif hujanfor this month ( december - january) may tend to flood season for biker-modif motors need to be careful when out in the rain, please check the motor carburetor not to drink too much water.
high rainfall now making the road / way everywhere so full of water until it reaches a motorcycle engine. so if the motor walks will squirt water up over our bodies.
rain jacket is in need, but do not wear a jacket is the width that endanger safety. since there are often accidents that swordfish in want in because of a jacket caught in the chain gear motor.

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Posted by Rewa lee, Published at 12:19 PM

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