used motor of Kawasaki Binter Merzy 1981 modif

used motor of Kawasaki Binter Merzy 1981 modif

used motor of Kawasaki Binter Merzy 1981 modifused motor of Kawasaki Binter Merzy 1981 modif
Try shades of café racer presented Achmad Taufik Budiman aka Topex. Wasp's cape with one catchbasin minimalist character. Although afflicted by the best recent acidity of classical but additionally smelled. The best credible at the bottom of the sector, its capital front. Focus on shock absorbers aka ass area.
Kick-it aloof so artistic allure accommodation Topex Chooper Modification (TCM) it. The trick? Easy! Aloof charge a little affected MODIF aboriginal KZ200 this.
"The aboriginal footfall to break behind. Previously, a set of tubes charge to chase afresh tomorrow. In the bazaar amount about USD 200 thousand, "explained Topex. Then cut and spliced re-created beneath the caliper holder. The top band of lathe contrived. Understand?
"Now for T beneath the agent Daihatsu with handlebars. T for pristine, "details this affable builder. So, still looks luxurious. Moreover arise added apple-pie afterwards re-polished. Then what about the assurance and function? "The action charcoal the same, aloof a little harder. Because the position of the oil spill, "Topex light.
the alternative. "Compare this with the aboriginal asepdon banderolnya accomplished USD 2.5 million. Meanwhile, for USD 1 actor was enough, "the promo architect who assisted bristles 5 crew.
If the motor is advised to be added adaptable, That's because the accepted arm was continued seven inches. Indeed, the abstraction was a little café racer alternating aforementioned anchor that it is simple and solid. Yes, affectionate of asepdon earlier.
Topex additionally actualize handmade scrambler appearance through the bankrupt pipe. Quite accord the consequence fierce!

Front tire: 100/70-17 FDR
Rear tire: 130/80-17 Delitire
Rim: Sprint
Gas tank: Sparta
Jok: Handmade
Stoplamp: Suzuki GT 250
Sein: Honda CB200
Headlights: Honda Mega Pro
source : google.image

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