modif yamaha mio soul for father

modif yamaha mio soul for father

modif yamaha mio soul
modif yamaha mio soulMany ways to give love to the parents. One of them as do citizens Pejaten Damardono Haryo East, South Jakarta. 30-year-old man who worked as a journalist Compass provides a motor matic gift that has been modified in such a way as to a beloved father who is now 60 years old. To obtain the results of the modifications as they wish, Mio Soul the fabrication of 2005 was submitted to the workshop Tauco Custom modifications in the region Kebagusan, South Jakarta. After working about two months, Mio Soul is seen with the addition of wider rear wheel becomes three-wheeled motorcycle.
modif yamaha mio soul for fatherModif Mio Soul Belong To Daddy
Not without reason. Because of his love for his father, felt the need to remodel Mio Haryo this because of his father's right leg had to use a prosthesis. However, the activities of his father did not necessarily follow a weakness because lack. Precisely the spirit of the father was not diminished one bit. That's the main reason why Haryo feel the need to remodel his Mio especially at the rear. "Because my father has a deficiency in his right leg, he usually uses to facilitate the automatic car operation although sometimes see little problem in his leg. For day-to-day mobility with the distance close, sometimes it bother him if it should continue to use the car, so I think this bike is perfect for daily mobility, "said Haryo. After finding the said agreement between Topo Goedel Atmodjo, master Tauco Custom and Haryo to change Mionya, Topo began to remodel his action lancarkan rear Mio Soul.To get maximum results in the movement of the rear wheels, Topo replace the rear axle with gear RX-King, who transferred with 20 cm Dumper retreat backwards, through the utilities that support the rear axle left and right wheels.To get a light movement and minimize disturbance during turns, the player is positioned at the wheel of the wheel left. Not quite up there, all replaced using a tire rim size 12 inch to good acceleration can be generated with the maximum. Then what about the stability of the motor?In order to retain and obtain maximum stability of this composition, the addition of the rear shock was doing. Not just a remodel to obtain the desired form, the formulation of comfort for the rider diterpakan triangle on this bike with the position of the seat and handlebar bike itself. To get a formula that, Topo mencangkokan handlebars on Kawasaki Ninja Mio Soul. Talk problems pacemaker kitchen, Topo Mio engine capacity was changed to 150 cc to get the maximum power due to the increased weight of the motor. While the application of CDI BRT and carburetor NSR Sp to support the performance of this machine. while for the brakes, Topo modif that owned Suzuki Satria FU 150.
Funds spent to remodel Yamaha Mio Soul is about idr 15 million rupiah

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