Modif Honda Tiger Touring bike

Modif Honda Tiger Touring bike

Streetfighter models is the modification of the tiger Honda Pilot is amended as extreme. Art and extremely complicated. can determine what the concept of this bike. see the back of the bike that looks like antitank weapons commonly used in wartime. It seemed to my friend tiger Honda is not modified. improved machine, ahm, MOGE range of speed, performance improvements, office equipment, similarity, frame, urban areas, the sprint, tiger, office equipment, and Sasis not changed. But there are positive things that can be taken here. 2000 Tiger Sasis you a very clear, particularly for use in urban areas. Although the engine does not know if Tiger is fast and tends to decrease, but for use in the city with a speed range of 60 to 80 km / h ensures engine design 90An earlier this is still very adequate. In addition, given the similarity in the basic design of the chassis Tiger 2000, the two machines and mechanical AHM consumers to do and it is not difficult to replace or repair parts of the tiger REVO.
2010 Modif Honda Tiger Touring bike Pictures

Modif Honda Tiger Touring bikeModif Honda Tiger Touring bike

Modif Honda Tiger Touring bikeModif Modif Honda Tiger REVO Touring bike

Notes can be used as is, AHM make nice motor sufficient to cover both the performance of the engine a bit less. Products AHM MOGE deduct both. Because MOGE generally look fabulous and authoritative, MOGE not need to sprint or drag to indicate the performance enough to be able to see the performances are MOGE. Based on AHM think it is only necessary to change the appearance of the tiger and REVO ignore technology and improved machine performance.

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